Our History

Since1995, we have been working on a new course for travel and tourism in our city Arequipa and Peru. From the beginning, our Manager Miss Lourdes Perez Wicht San Roman, founded the company with clear principles and values; supporting Peru’s people and resources and helping communities in different ways.
We are a convinced TEAM that knows that Responsible tourism increases the  possibilities of a better and healthier environment, supports the creation of economic opportunities, social justice and protection of our natural and cultural resources. These 21 years of work keeping loyal to our principles was not easy but worth it because the quality of service, excellent work and good reputation of our company extends throughout our city, region and country. Today we are so proud to say, that Giardino Tour Operator is a well known company as a reliable and fair travel partner with one of the best services.
Our Head office is located in Arequipa city, therefore our specialty is in the southern regions of Peru with its well-known highlights such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, Amazon jungle etc. In addition; we have built up excellent connections with travel agencies that share our values throughout Peru, allowing us to organize full round trip programs to all destinations in our country. Furthermore, we have a close relationship with two accredited hotels as our partners: La Casa de mi Abuela in Arequipa city  and “La Casa de Mama Yacchi” in the Colca Valley.
Giardino’s staff is our best asset; We are constantly trained on environmental and educational matters and we can be  your best trip advisor, giving you first-hand travel knowledge and information. Without doubt,  we can guarantee you a high quality of tour packages with daily departures and partial or fully customized itineraries to any destination you select!
Permit us  be your partner for your visit to the one of most interesting and beautiful places of the world;  PERU!
Thanks a lot!


Peruvian Association of Travel Agencies AVIT and APAVI.
Chamber of Commerce and  Industry of Arequipa, Peru.
IATA      (Air Transport Association).
ASTA – Green member (American society of Travel Agents).
Swiss Import Promotion Program (SIPPO).
APOTUR (Peruvian Association of Tour Operators).




Love and respect.


Protection of our natural and cultural resources.
To achieve that our clients are the promoters of our country.
Be leaders in the local and national sector.


Work for a Sustainable tourism.
Contribute to the conservation of environment and culture.
To be a support in different forms for the local population of the villages that we visited.




“Social responsibility” is the obligation that all businesses assume towards society. Being socially responsible means for us, to maximizing the positive effects and minimizing the negative effects on places and villages that belong to our field of work.
For us it is very important to be a positive support and influence (education, health, active economic, conscious of environment, protection of nature, etc.)  not only for short-terms, but special for long-terms to the villages and places  where we work.
Giardino accomplis various activities including:

  • Annual cleaning and reforestation campaigns.
  • Educational and Christmas campaigns for local people.
  • Providing recycling bags and containers in tour buses, hotels, and at visitor ttractions.
  • Annual Public Health and eye care campaigns for towns in Colca Valley.
  • Restoration of the Coporaque library and others.

We invite you to read more about our social work in our Giardino Blog!




Our Team in Office:


Manager: Miss Lourdes Pérez-Wicht San Román. Also called "Lula" is the founder of the dream  "Giardino". Entrepreneur with great spirit of change and principles; with the conviction that in our Peru, it is possible to do business with fair and with high values.






Our  office's team is a group of bilingual Tourism professionals (English, German and French) that are responsible for the preparation, organization and operation of national and international programs. In many cases;  WE ARE  with our clients  from the moment that contact us and begin planning the trip up until they  safely return home. We share the same goals and values of work, we appreciate diversity and enjoy to be in constant learning and growing with the industry. Our office team is young and diverse and do not be surprised if you find; singers, dancers, actors, adventurers, teachers, who share their  passion for the arts, life and culture  in harmony with their career.



Giardino Tour Operator is very careful with the selection of its guides. We know that guides have a big responsibility and some time they need to have the criteria to manage a difficult situation in case of need. Big part of the reputation of the company is in their hands and they can really influence the outcome of our tours. The tour could be perfectly organized and every detail can be taken care of, but if the guide is lazy, unhelpful, or unprepared, the whole trip can go badly. Good guides are a great asset for any company and GIARDINO is no exception. We currently have a group of professionals that we are very proud of!



Information of some of them:


JessicaJESSICA is from Arequipa, a tourism professional that  speaks English, French and Spanish. Many of our clients described her as a “ warm and friendly person” others as  “the right person on the right place”.  Jessica loves her job and in every minute traveling with her you will feel it! Be a guide is for her not a job , is a pleasure.  She loves meet people of different countries and cultures, shares knowledge,  etc. She is a very active person that can be drinking coffee  with you and 1 hour later hiking to the top of a  mountain!


OliviaOLIVIA studied tourism in Arequipa and speaks English and Spanish. How she said, “her passion is her job”  She enjoys to meet people from different countries and show them her homeland and city Arequipa. Besides talking about history and geography with visitors she is happy to learn more about different cultures; she is a nature lover and her favorit place to be around is the Colca canyon!




DANIEL is working as a guide for more then 20 years and is member of WFTA (World Federation of Tourist guide Associations-AUSTRIA). He is specialist in socio-economic and philosophical investigations topics, loves to talk about the history of our country and share knowledge with visitors. During our campaigns, he is also a good teacher explaining to students actively the importance of environmental works and commitment!



RamiroRAMIRO: To have studied tourism, be a tour guide and also to be a CHEF, is for Ramiro the prefect combination of a carrier. He thinks both careers are perfect to show to the world the beauty of Peru’s geography and culture. Sometimes the job could be difficult and tired but it does not mean that stop being enjoyable. For Ramiro; PERU is the most beautiful country of this planet and he couldn’t change it for nothing.




ALEX is from Arequipa and speaks  the ancient language of the Incas “Quechua”, Spanish, English, French, Italian and little bit of Portuguese.  He has been in many places around Peru and considers himself as a Peru lover, he wonders the geography and landscape and  is committed to protect the environment. Free time means for him to be walking into the canyons and valleys and playing Saxophone.




SAUL is from Arequipa,  he started working in tourism 10 years ago and is proud of the history of his country and the mixture of cultures that you can find in Peru. He considers his job and tourism in general, as one of the best way to help the country and get out of social conflicts. He enjoys to show visitors that Peru is much more then “Machupicchu” because has many other magic places as well.




DIANA: She works as a tour guide since 2005. She speaks English and German and likes her career a lot because consider that to work and doing activities outdoors is the best way to enjoy life. In her free time she likes to read and listen to music.





LUIS ANGEL is an easy going tour guide. He likes practicing martial arts, reading books, watching movies and having fun with his family and friends. He is very curious about things and other cultures. He appreciated so much all what he have being leaning during these years in his career sharing knowledge with visitors. He loves to show to the world why he is a happy man, living in one of the most interesting and beautiful countries of the world.




ELFER  With  21 years of experience Elfer is a proud Arequipeno and tour guide!  He’s specialist in many cultural and historical topics  and he loves dance! Specially   the traditional Highland folkloric dance of city of Puno and Titicaca lake area called “Caporales and Morenada” . He also  performed by peruvian and bolivian dancing associations.




JUAN CARLOS is from Arequipa. He enjoys his job because never one day is like the other. Every trip is a new experience for him. He likes to talk about history, geography, nature and in his free time, he plays football, read and play rock music with her electric guitar.





GERBER is working nine years as a tourist guide in our region and speaks English and Spanish. Some of our visitors define him as “the Artist” for the way how he explains s about Peru Culture, life and nature. He enjoy to make visitors feel that traveling through Peru is a trip like not other!





Giardino drivers are qualified professionals with a large experience and without doubt; knowledge, with attitude and high skills.
They know not only the routes and distances between destinations or about mechanic issues concerning transports, but also they have the experience in maneuvers under difficult weather or geographical conditions of the route!

We are happy and thankful to have these professionals as part of Giardino Team!

As a peruvian local travel agency we are able to provide you with first-hand travel knowledge and guarantee of quality tour packages with daily departures. Come with us to Perú!  Visit one of the most interesting, cultural and beautiful countries of South America!


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