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We chose to have a private tour around the Colca Canyon for 6 people. Let me start by saying that everything was amazing! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us the history of everywhere we went, starting in Arequipa. He made sure that we didn\'t miss a thing! Our driver was equally impressive. He was confident driving through Arequipa and then into the Canyon. We also enjoyed his little inputs at all of the stops. The beginning of the tour started out stressful. I had given the wrong dates when I made the booking, and didn\'t realize it until the morning I thought we were leaving. Karla helped us get everything figured out that morning and we were able to get on the road by lunch time. I could not believe how accommodating they were. Thank you, thank you! We stayed at the Colca Lodge, and wow. Breathtaking. If you can stay here, definitely do. Our guide and driver weren\'t lying when they said we would want to stay longer. We started the next day bright and early so we could go watch the flight of the condors. Our tour guide knew the best place to see them and got us situated right along the edge of the viewpoint. Everything was amazing! Great tour, great staff, and great views. Couldn\'t have asked for anything better!

Name: Andrea Jensen
Name of your tour: 2 Day Private Tour; May 2017
What made you choose Giardino Tours for the tour?: The flexibility of the tour and the option to have a private tour group.
How happy are you with the tour? (1 to 10): 10
You will recommend us?: Yes

Travel May 2017

Nombre: Sophie  Zamaroczy
Nombre de Tour: colca 2 days
¿Como supo usted de Giardino Tours?: por el hotel "casa de mi abuela"
¿Que hizo que tome el tour con nosotros?: el recomiendo del hotel y su sitio internet muy claro
¿Que tan feliz esta con nuestro servicio? (1 al 10): 8
¿Nos recomendaría?: Yes

Junio 2017.

Name: Andreas Kehnen
Name of your tour: Colca 2d/1n
How happy are you with the tour? (1 to 10): 9
You will recommend us?: Yes
How was our communication skills?  Perfecto
Your general Review: organisacion buena , guía competente y agradable, bus y chófer bien, alojamiento bien


Name: Sylvie Gagnon
Name of your tour: Colca canyon
How did you hear about us?: Guide du Routard
How happy are you with the tour? (1 to 10): 10
You will recommend us?: Yes
How was our communication skills? Please indicate details.: Excellent
Your general Review: The guide, Sandra, was very good. The tour was fantastic. The driver make us safe. We appreciate the tour very much.

Travel May 2017

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