Arequipa City Excursions.


Arequipa 4 hrs tour - Daily departures.

This tour was designed to show you something more of our beautiful and intereting city. We will visit the colonial distric of Cayma and its Plaza; the Añashuayco quarry; the Antiquilla popular market and main plaza  of Yanahuara town, we will walk through colonial streets, explore our Arequipa Main Square and finish at Monastery Santa Catalina (End of tour on entrance).



Arequipa Classic City Tour (3hrs)

In this tour we will visit the Monastery Santa Catalina, the Compañia Church,  our Arequipa Main Square and have a view of our 3 volcanoes from Yanahuara town.




We will visit the popular market San Camilo; Arequipa Main Square; the Compañia Church, the colonial neighborhood El Tambo la Cabezona and finish at the Monastery Santa Catalina (End of tour and optional visit).



Arequipa – Gastronomic Experience (4 hrs)

Explore and taste our products walking through our popular market San Camilo and then learn with our Cook a delicious Peruvian dish!



Arequipa Countryside Tour (3hrs)

Exploring the countryside of Arequipa our visitors can get closer to the daily life of arequipenos, wonder the pre-Incas terraces that still used today, enjoy the view of the volcanoes and of course; you cannot leave the city without enjoying Arequipa’s great gastronomic, one of the best of Perú!



Arequipa, Rafting in Chili River

Take an amazing "Splash" in our Chili river with rapids III and IV... Unforgettable!



Arequipa; Visit to Añashuayco Quarry!

In this tour we will visit the place where the iconic sillar (White volcanic rock of our city)  is extracted.



Arequipa; Toro Muerto Petroglyphs!

Collection of ancient petroglyphs  made up of 3,000 to 5,000 volcanic rocks which are products of the explosive volcanic eruptions...



Arequipa; Get involved Tour (4 hrs)

A tour that takes you closer to the everyday life...

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