Colca Programs


Colca Canyon 2d/1n Classic (daily departures)

Pampa Cañahuas National Reserve - Highest point Patapampa (4,820 meters) - Town of Chivay...



Colca Canyon 2d/1n Extended Route

Pampa Canahuas – The “Window “ view point – Caves of Mollepunko Town of Callalli...



Colca Canyon “A bit of everything” 3d/2n

The “Window“ view  point  –  Caves  of Mollepunko –  Canocota /La Calera – Cruz  del  Condor view point – Shared  half  day  with a villager -  Lampa pink town...



Colca Canyon 3d/2n Classic (daily departures)

Pampa Cañahuas Reserve -  Town of Chivay - Hot springs - Shared a half day with a local family - Cruz del Condor view point...



Colca Canyon activity : Spend a day with a villager

Activity with locals.



ColcaCanyon Extra Activities: Optional Hikings Giardino

Hikes for 2 to 4 hours.



Colca Canyon Full Day!

Town of Chivay  -  Hot springs - Cruz del Condor view point



Colca Canyon Trekking 2d/1n

Town of Chivay - Town of Cabanaconde  –  Sangalle - Cruz del Condor view point



Colca Canyon Trekking 3d/2n

Pampa Cañahuas Reserve - Town of Cabanaconde and hike into the Canyon – Town of San Juan de Chucchos, Cosnirhua and Malata...

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