Our Volcan MISTI!

Arequipa city sits beneath the snow-capped volcano, El Misti; that means "The gentleman" at 5,822 metres (19,101 ft) above sea level and lies between the Chachani (6,075 m or 19,931 ft) and Pichu Pichu (5,669 m or 18,599 ft).
this city has had along its history many names such as La Noble (nobility city), La Fidelísima (Loyalty) The Excellent, the city of the freedown, The city of traditions, but specially is called "The city of Mistianos" - Referring to the Volcan el Misti.
El Misti is technically one of the easiest ascents of any mountain of this size in the world, but it's hard work nonetheless and you normally need an ice ax and, sometimes, crampons. It's best climbed between July and November.

The Misti is inspiration for history, legends, spirituality and poetry!

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