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Enjoy comfortable hotels from Standard to luxus level. Special activities with a group (Shared) or as Private service. 24/7  assistance (We are with you from the begining of your  trip until you come back home). All our programs can be customized according to your suggestions, budget or personal interest.  We have for you the best options and guarantee of first-hand information with the best quality of service, flexibility and prices.


Luxurious program that will help you to get slow to the altitude, enjoying the magic of our Andean world with an unique luxus service. The trip begins with assistance at Lima Airport, flight  to the  colonial  city  Arequipa, Than continues  to  the incredible  Colca,  one  of  the  deepest canyons of the world;  experience the magic of  the highland  with  the  Belmond  Andean Explorer luxury Train travelling overnight towards Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable  lake  in  the  world  and visiting  its islands. Your wil end the  journey  visiting Cusco city and taking the Hiram Bingham luxus train to unique MachuPichu citadel.


This program is designed for clients with not to much time but that want to enjoy the magic of the andean world getting at the same time slowly to the altitude. Starting in Arequipa city (Unesco) and getting slow to the altitude; then explore the Colca canyon and Lake Titicaca with its islands, finishing at the world heritage (Unesco) of MachuPicchu and Cusco.


This program allows you to experience the variety of Peru in one trip, squeezing experiences in 8 days!. Most of the excursions are as private service, giving you space for personal speed & adjustments. Have a taste of Lima capital, explore the richness of our Amazon Jungle, admire the world heritages sites of MachuPichu, Cusco city  and Incas Sacred valley, feel the magic on the Titicaca; the world highest navigable Lake, and explore the Colca, one of the deepest canyons of the world.


This program is a classic south route that includes Lima Capital and the principal highlights of the highland of Peru. From Lima capital we will flight to Arequipa white city (Unesco) and get slow to the altitude; than visit the Colca canyon, one of the deepest of the world and cross the highland plateau forward to the Titicaca Lake, the world highest navigable Lake and visit its islands, finishing at the world heritage sites of Cusco and MachuPicchu. Extensions can be added.


This is one of our BEST selling programs and ideal for travelers who wish to explore the enigmas of Peru's coast and move up to the Andean world. From Lima capital, Ballestas, Huacachina oasis and Nazca lines, to the highland; visiting Arequipa  city (Unesco), the Colca canyon (one of the deepest of the world); admiring the Lake Titicaca and its islands, discovering the Sacred Valley of the Incas and its amazing capital; Cusco (Unesco), finishing at the seven wonder of  the world; MachuPichu (Unesco).


This program offers the Main highliths of Peru visiting Lima capital, Arequipa white city with the Colca canyon, the Lake Titicaca with its islands; and adding an extension to La Paz city (Bolivia); the world's highest capital with a full day excursion to the amazing Uyuni salt plains; finishing this experience walking around at the world heritage sites of Cusco and MachuPicchu.


This program is designed for travelers that want to enjoy the Andean Plateau intensely and get slow to the altitude.  From Peru's coast; Lima, Ballestas, oasis Huacachina and Nazca lines; to the highland; discovering Arequipa white city and the Colca canyon (one of the deepest of the world), the Inca's work and talent at the Sacred Valley, Cusco city and Machupicchu ruins, feeling closer to the sky visiting the Lake Titicaca and its islands; La Paz Capital, Uyuni salt plains and its lagoons, finishing at the Atacama Desert, the driest non-polar desert throughout the entire world.

It is not here what are you looking for?  Give us your Travel plans and a Peru Expert will personalize your vacation!

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