Peru Travel Restrictions Covid-19: Updates to Government of Peru

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Peru Travel Restrictions Covid19_ Restricciones de viaje Perú

Peru Travel Restrictions 2021 – Covid 19

*Updated May 31h, 2021- Test and quarantine no longer required on arrival to Peru.

The government begins to ease current COVID restrictions in an effort to stimulate tourism but maintains internal restrictions in order to keep citizens safe.

Peruvian government is working in a list measures in order to regularize the entry of foreigners to Peru for tourism purposes, but complying with a strict regulation that allow to visitors to Experience Peru in a safe way.

The Jorge Chavez International airport remains open, and domestic land and air transportation continue with reduced occupancy.

On 2014 Peru was chosen as the best cultural and gastronomic destination by public voting on the internet” And according to a study, carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the satisfaction index of foreigners after visiting Peru was 94%.

The government has dictated new measures and strategies  to return to being the dream destination of the whole world again, focusing on the following specific objectives:

  • Develop and consolidate an offer of sustainable destinations.
  • Position Peru as a destination with first class products and safe tourism.
  • Improve the competitiveness of the sector, strengthening the institutional framework and public-private articulation.

Peru Travel Restrictions 2021:  For your security the following protocols have been established. –

*Last Up date 31 May 2021

When you arrive to Peru – International flights

Land borders are temporarily closed, therefore international passenger transportation by land is suspended.

  1. Travelers entering the country must fill and sing an affidavit statement (link) and also provide the following before boarding the plane: a negative molecular test (PCR), a negative antigen test or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge. PCR or antigen test results must be obtained no later than 72 hours prior to check-in. In the case of children (under 12 years old), they only need to have a medical certificate of good health.  However, travelers are no longer required to complete a two-week quarantine or an antigen test once they arrive.
  2. Travelers from South Africa, Brazil, and India are not permitted entry to Peru. Nationals who return through these countries or travelers with layovers in any of the above must quarantine for two weeks once they arrive in the country.
  3. Nightly curfews are still enforced across the country, with places like Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa having nightly restrictions from 9 pm until 4 am from Monday – Sunday, with restricted car movements and business openings on Sundays. Check with your hotel or travel provider before you travel if you’re not sure about a particular area.
  4. From May 31st, commercial establishments will be open in Cusco until 8:00pm. The permitted capacity varies, but galleries, archeological monuments, museums, and cultural centers will all operate at a 40% capacity.
  5. Passengers on international flights must notify the health authorities of their jurisdiction if they present symptoms, within 14 days of their arrival in the country.
  6. The failure to comply with the use of a face mask or the instructions given by the airlines, the airport or others, may lead to the cancellation of the boarding or cause to reject the passenger’s boarding the plane to Peru.

Domestic flights Boarding protocol

  • All passengers must wear a disposable surgical mask, face shield.
  • Body temperature will be measured at the entrance of the terminal. Passengers with a temperature higher than 38°C  will not enter.
  • At the time of boarding, the passangers must respect the social distance marked on the floor signs.
  • Boarding a domestic flight, the passenger must follow all security protocols. On international flights, in addition, the airline will request more and important documents for your flight.
  • Each passenger is responsible for reviewing and updates of the destination city or  country.
  • After each flight, the departure lounges are disinfected.
  • The only requirement for Domestic Flights in the country (local flights) is the signature of the affidavit statement (Link) indicating that the traveler does not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Peruvian government has also provided an informative guide for travelers that can be found on the official website of MINCETUR and have each of the requirements and steps to follow. (Link here only in Spanish)

Giardino Tours has as its priority the safety and health of our clients, our staff and suppliers in all our activities. Our return to operations will be carried out in a safe and responsible manner. Please Check our Biosecurity protocol (Link)


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Peru Travel Restrictions Covid-19

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Peru Travel Restrictions: Jorge Chavez Lima Airport #SafeTravel

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