Award 2017 for Giardino Tours as Social & environmental Company.


Dear friends;

This September 8th Giardino Tours Peru and our partner hotel "La Casa de mi Abuela" received a recognition from The Mayor office of Arequipa City for our active participation in the campaign "Arequipa White City and Healthy" a campaign which focuses on the recycling and management of Solids waste and help with information for the awareness of this important subject in our society.

We are very happy for this recognition and we want to say; "THANK YOU" team, thanks to all of you!!!
Thanks for  your active participation, for your  perseverance and total dedication.

This motivates us to continue working and contributing in this way with our grain of sand, with faith, joy and confidence, to a better future!

Giardino; excelencia en el camino!

Giardino Team!

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Cleaning Campaign 2017 Town of Coporaque – Colca canyon

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On 1st of September Giardino Tours Peru Realized its annual cleaning campaign in the town of Coporaque.

For this activity we had the participation of the team Giardino Tours, the great support of the staff of the hotel La Casa de Mamayacchi and the students of the School of Coporaque  (72 students).
We want  specially thank to the director of the school Mrs. Elsa Cadi. for her great Support on this campaign.

In this campaign were collected:

  • 9 Large bags of glass.
  • 9 bags of paper-cardboard.
  • 9 bags of plastic.
  • 9 organic bags.
  • 9 bags other type of garbage.

Also it was realized an awareness activity to all students about the importance of recycling, keeping the streets clean and how to apply this knowledge at home.
We want to THANK YOU all for you for your  support and active participation.


Giardino Tours Perú – 22 years!!

Giardino Tours Peru celebrating 22 years!
A honest  and good beginning accompanied by the effort and an excellent management, bring many rewards. Today is our anniversary; 22 years of work and we are very happy and grateful for all the reached goals that we have had. For sure the future will provides us with more challenges, and this motivate us because we know that learning is the essence of life, without that, life would stop!
We want to thank all our clients for these 22 years of loyalty and friendship;  our friends, our Lord for his presence in every step that we take and for being the "Major shareholder"  of the company,  to  our manager,  Miss Lula, for her unbreakable faith and joy in every task and change and to the whole family that forms GIARDINO TOURS PERU; Thank you for your professionalism, values, passion, joy, respect and undoubtedly; for the excellent work!
Happy 22 years GiardinoTours Perú!.
We share in video the lunch realized yesterday with the office team. Soon the whole team (almost 90 professionals) will be celebrating this great time together!



Our Volcan MISTI!

Arequipa city sits beneath the snow-capped volcano, El Misti; that means "The gentleman" at 5,822 metres (19,101 ft) above sea level and lies between the Chachani (6,075 m or 19,931 ft) and Pichu Pichu (5,669 m or 18,599 ft).
this city has had along its history many names such as La Noble (nobility city), La Fidelísima (Loyalty) The Excellent, the city of the freedown, The city of traditions, but specially is called "The city of Mistianos" - Referring to the Volcan el Misti.
El Misti is technically one of the easiest ascents of any mountain of this size in the world, but it's hard work nonetheless and you normally need an ice ax and, sometimes, crampons. It's best climbed between July and November.

The Misti is inspiration for history, legends, spirituality and poetry!

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