The interdimensional gate Aramu Muru. Fascination & mystery.

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Aramu Muru
“A portal, that according to a legend allowed the Inca’s priests to be transported to different places of the Inca Empire and even to any place of  the world” The interdimensional gate Aramu Muru also known as: Hayu Marca means: “City of spirits or” Willka Uta: “Place of the sun or gate of the gods.”
Aramu Muru

“La Puerta” (The door) is located 35 kilometers from the city of Puno (Lake Titicaca area), in south area of the district of Ilave in the province of Collao and 1 hour and 10 minutes by car from Puno city. This enigmatic place It is located also near a fascinating stone forest and the terrain is cold and quite dry.

The portal has the shape of a square with 7 meters on each side and it is carved in a unique rock. So far no in-depth archaeological study has been conducted that can reveal the date when the first settlers began to consider this door “a sacred place”.


For many, Aramu Muru door is a place where a lot of energy is concentrated, our body and soul are immediately nourished, also you get a feeling of to be in a safe place, where the body feels free and all the pressures of that daily life go away.  A place where you encounter peace. For many people this is a good place to meditate on our daily and spiritual lives. To find the answers to many questions and return home with more hope and energy.

But lets us to talk a bit more about the legends of the area, that will lead us to understand why it is considered a mystical and special place.

According to story-telling and legends, when the Spanish arrived in the Inca empire, there was a priest named Aramu Muro, who belonged to the monastery of the 7 rays and was responsible for the initiation ceremony and worship of the God; The “Inti” (the Sun).

Legends said that Aramu Muru was the one who took the golden solar disk kept in Koricancha tempel (Sun tempel in Cusco) and fled from the Spanish conquers to some place save place in the Juli Province (Lake Titicaca). Then, he reached the sacred door and placed the Sun disk on the door, using it as a door key, and opened the door. After that, he cross the portal and disappeared behind it.

Aramu Muru

Nowadays; locals carry out rituals of all kinds at the door of Aramu Muru, to ask for peace, to say thank you to the Gods or ask for hope.

Also the door is a very attractive spot for many esoteric groups, that visit the place hoping that maybe the door will be opened, and they have a chance to see a bit to the world of the Gods.

“The legend says that this door opens only for those people who are spiritually ready to connect to the spirit of Lake Titicaca.”

But without doubt, Aramu Muru is a place surrounded by mystery, where people comment that they have had sightings of strange lights and claim to have had visions of stars or columns of fire, or to have heard sounds and have even felt the presence of a tunnel behind the door.

Interesting is also that just on the other side of the mountain, Archeologist have found the remains of what seems to be a tunnel that connected the cities of Tiahuanaco (Bolivia)  and Cusco city. They think that this tunnel was used by the Incas to move around the areas. According to Inca traditions and legends, this tunnel was built before the Inca empire arrive in the area, and only was used by the Incas.

The question is…  if the Incas were not the builders of this tunnel, then who were they?

There are many interesting and fascinating stories and legends that surround the mystical world of ancient Peru, such as the legend of Lake Titicaca, from where Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo (Founders of the Inca empire) emerged and in which “La isla de la Luna” (Moon island) is located, in this island you will find similar doors.  Or the ceremonial center of “Ñaupa Iglesia” in Cusco city, in the province of Urubamba, where you can also find a similar wall or door and many rituals take place.

Certainly many questions that we cannot answer yet.

When to visit Aramu Muru?

The best time to visit Aramu Muru is in August because the earth is said to be more willing to accept offerings. But the truth is that July and August are the months where most people visit it to explore, make same hiking, rituals etc.

So, what do you think?  Do you dare to visit places enclosed with so much mystery?

Whatever the reason is that you visit Aramu Muru, you will certainly be fascinated, for the natural beauty that surrounds Lake Titicaca, the varied geography, the legends or the spiritual energy that undoubtedly recharges us in this beautiful area of ​​Peru.

We are ready to take you on this adventure

And you?

We will wait for you!!!


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