Protecting Our Planet Starts with You – 9 Things You Can Do

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Protecting our planet_Cuidar del Planeta

Protecting our Planet starts with you!

“Throughout the time, man enjoy and took the necessary space to be able to coexist with the nature, currently things are different and it is necessary to make a “space” for nature in the world of man”

This week we commemorate mother earth. However, there is not much to celebrate. Despite the fact that, as an indirect effect of the pandemic, the cleaning of the beaches, the contamination of fossil residues and the care of wild fauna were a bit better compared to the pre-pandemic time, now we observe that threats to the environment continue and we are generating new ones.

Here you will find 9 easy tips that you can add to your daily routine to Protecting Our Planet.

1.- Do not use face masks unnecessarily

Protecting the planet_Cuidando el planeta

We know that in the current situation our health is important, however the huge use of disposable surgical masks leaves a large amount of waste. We must therefore try as much as possible to use reusable masks.

Surgical masks are made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, produced from ethylene, which is a chemical compound derived from petroleum or natural gas.

That’s why they take around 450 years to decompose.

Among the recommendations published by the main national and international health authorities, in GTF M. Camps we want to highlight the following:

  1.  The masks should be left in a safe place for 24 hours before throwing them into a garbage can, for example, inside a waste bag. This serves primarily to prevent anyone, who has to handle garbage, to get infected.
  2. It is Important that before placing the surgical masks in a garbage container, that you cut the two rubber bands that hold the mask around the ears. In this way you will be able to avoid that, in an unwanted way, if this mask ends up in our seas and oceans, it does not behave like a net-trap for the animals.

2.- Save on electricity consumption

You can start by unplugging all electrical appliances when you don’t use them or you finish using them, for example, unplugging your cell phone or laptop charger when the battery reaches 100 percent, unplugging the microwave after heating food, and even unplugging the fan, the television etc … Remember that plugged-in appliances continue to consume electricity and it is important Protecting Our Planet.

Another action that will help you take care of the environment is to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Also, you should check that when you leave the house there are no lights on. It is important that you change all the bulbs in your house for ones that are low energy consumption

3.- Recycle and educate about garbage

Protecting the planet_Cuidar el planeta

Take the time to separate the garbage and especially we must create a culture of environmental care at home.

For this reason, we must have a discipline to separate waste into: those that can be reused or reinserted into the production circuit (paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, etc.) and on the other hand those elements that cannot be reused (broken glass, napkins, sanitary waste, etc.).

Also It is also important to educate ourselves about this problem. When you expand your own education, you can help others understand the importance and value of our natural resources and Protecting Our Planet.

4.- Buy food from your area.

The transport of food from one area to another pollutes a lot. Whenever you can, consume products from nearby areas, your city or your region that will help also to Protecting Our Planet.

 5.- Save and Take Care of Water.

Water is a natural resource that cannot be wasted. In this sense, there are small actions that can help you take care of it such as taking a 5-minute shower, recycling rainwater, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing dishes, can make a huge difference.

Likewise, it is very important not to throw food, oil residues and cleaning products into the house pipes (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), to prevent that the water get contaminated.

It is important to check that in your home all pipes work well.

6.- Plant trees and prepare your urban garden

Protecting the planet_Cuidando el planeta

The best hobby in the world is to be in tune with nature and what better than to start in your own place, planting trees if you have a large garden or planting potted plants if you don’t have much space. The important thing is to enjoy this hobby giving life to the planet and more oxygen to your place.

Another way is to start your own garden and enjoy to obtain your own food, you will feel a joy and mixed feelings when you see how the fruit of your dedication is growing and this hobby not only helps the planet but also your health because your products at home are the best guarantee of not having additives such as hormones or pesticides.

In addition, from your garden you can create your own compost. This brings a series of benefits to your garden, providing more nutrients for your plants to grow strong and reducing the generation of garbage.

7.- DO NOT buy single-use products – Buy reusable ones

Always buy products that you can reuse. We must end with the use and throw away life style.  The world is not disposable.

Buying single-use items such as disposable napkins, plates and cups, as well as plastic bottles and containers, makes the planet sick and generates garbage which is a huge problem.

Use reusable cloth bags or biodegradable bags instead, and if for any reason you have a plastic bag, don’t throw it away, keep it in your car or purse, etc., And try to use it as much as possible. Remember the idea is not to generate more garbage and plastic production.

8.- Be creative and Reuse materials

Protecting the planet_Cuidando el planeta

The best way to Protecting Our Planet is also in the power of our imagination.

With a little creativity you can reuse and give new life to the most varied materials.

Each of us can find the best way to reuse and recycle. How about and using this challenge to use it as a game at home for every weekend?.

Finding and creating a new way of using something that you thought to throw away is also the best way to Protecting Our Planet.

9.- Practice sustainable tourism

If you love to travel the world, do sustainable tourism. This is one of the actions to protect the environment with which you can venture through the 5 continents respecting the environment that surrounds you and learning to be a Responsible ecological traveler.

It is important that you travel with hotels or travel agencies that practice or have sustainability as a mission of the company, that you know their sustainable activities, perhaps being able to volunteer, that they have recognized certifications, etc.

Let’s together Protecting Our Planet . We don’t have a Planet “B”
In this beautiful home called Earth, there are the most indescribable landscapes, that surely, we all want to keep enjoying.  It is up to us to maintain its beauty.

The change begins in our homes. Let us be responsible citizens and remember that we all need our mother earth.

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