Peru Packing List post Covid-19: 5 Items that You Need to take to your Peru Trip

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Viaje al Perú_ Peru Packing List

Peru Packing List: 5 Items You Need to bring with you

As a company focused on sustainable tourism in our country; we are concern about the problem of garbage that day by day is generated by our traveling friends. Unfortunately in Peru, recycling is not as well organized as in another countries from EU or USA and in some towns and remote villages is almost impossible to “manage” the garbage problem.

We are convinced that “a great experience of Travel must be compatible with respect to our planet”.

The plastic pollution is today a global challenge, and affects not only Peru but all the touristic destinations of the World. We can all together put our grain of sand.

And we must act “NOW”. We are sure that you dear “traveler” as well as us, love this planet that you wonder during your visits and you will care of it. Please help us have less plastic garbage during your visit.

When you travel to our Peru, take your time to check this Peru Packing List and organize your suitcase / Backpack and make sure to BRING WITH YOU:

Two reusable water bottles:

Peru Packing List

If we talk about your health: Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical compound that plastic bottles carry. It is classified as an endocrine disruptor (a chemical compound that behaves like a hormone) and can affect the reproductive health of both men and women.

If we talk about the ecological disaster: Enough plastic is already in our Oceans and Valley, mountains etc… and we dont need to collaborate with more plastic bottles on our trips.  Please includes your reusable bottle into your Peru Packing List!

Do not generate more waste harmful to the environment, the best option is to have our own reusable bottle.

Also in same lodges are offering now to refill your bottle of water; ask to your agent or Hotel desk.


In Peru it is not recommended to drink water from the pipe directly but today you can even get reusable bottles with filters and if you go camping or trekking bring some pills to purify the water (As your grandfather did when he went on an adventure).

A Reusable cloth bag:

Peru Packing List

According to The World Counts, in 2018 about 160 thousand plastic bags per second were used worldwide, and less than 1% of the total will be recycled.

As they are not resistant like clothing bags, people use them and dispose of them quickly, increasing pollution in landfills, streets and oceans. In addition, they take up to 1,000 years to decompose, releasing toxic particles that affect living beings and the environment.

A reusable cloth bag; will help to avoid receiving plastic bags when you go to the markets or buy your souvenirs.

It is easy to carry, does not take much space and now there are also with nice designs.

Please make a couple of cloth bags into your Peru Packing List!

A  taper for your meals – Rejects the TECNOPOR:

Peru Packing List

In Peru, expanded polystyrene (EPS) (called TECNOPOR) is widely used to carry or serve food. Technopor is made with petroleum derivatives, whose production generates a high impact on the environment and health risks.

A last study of ten experts from the National Research Council of the United States indicated that styrene, a component of technopor, can be a carcinogen.

Also this material cannot be “recycled”.

Unfortunately in our country we still not having a culture of waste separation (Recycling) So “tecnopor” ends in our oceans. If you are the kind of traveler who buys your snacks on the street to take to your hotel, or keep some food of lunch for dinner, a taper in your bag pack is perfect to avoid technopor, aluminum or plastic covers.

Includes this item into your Peru Packing List!

Bring solid soap and shampoo (called also pills) if you can:

Peru Packing List

Today you will read a lot in our media about the solid shampoo and soap. Many of them have being already selling in Europe and USA and are practical and more friendly to the environment.
these are light and long durable, These new soap or shampoo “pills” are easy to carry everywhere; so no problems at the airport.

With a single pill you can go around the world because you can use until 80 washes.

You can not imagine the amount of remains of bottles of shampoo and soap that our travelers leave in our hotels.

Includes this great item into your Peru Packing List!

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment Covid-19

Let’s face it; for the foreseeable future, COVID 19 is maybe going to be a part of travel. How do we do our best to mitigate the risk while still traveling and experience life’s pleasures? – Pack the right PPE gear. (Personal protective equipment).

Peru’s infrastructure is not equipped to deal with mass infection so do your bit to keep everybody safe and placate any concerns.

We suggest packing a few choice items of PPE for your Peru trip:

  • Bring a Mask for you and family and talk with your Travel agent  about security meassures in your destination.
  • Bring Hand sanitizer and wash your hands often.

Be a help and collect trash where you can:

Peru Packing List

It is not worth only to be complaining about the large amount of garbage that is on our beaches, mountains or forests.
It is true that also it is the responsibility of the cleaning services and our government . But be a help; If you see a plastic around your beaches or seashore; remove it. If you see a straw in the sand, take it out; If you see a plastic bags where you walk; collect them until you find a trash can or the right lace to throw them.
Really… It costs nothing!

Includes this great behavior also as an “item” into your Peru Packing List!

We need to consider if it is worth sacrificing some of our comfort for having a clean and healthy environment – Those products that are problematic for the environment, we should think about using different materials or if you can “eliminate” them from our use.

This is not a “War agains plastic” we quote the words of Erik Solheim Executive Director of the UN Environment:

“Plastic is a miraculous material. Thanks to plastic, medicine has saved countless lives, the expansion of clean energies from wind turbines and solar panels has been greatly facilitated, and the safe storage of food has been revolutionized (UN). “

Plastic is not the problem. The problem is what we do with It.

This means that the Responsibility falls on us, and how and the way of using this material. Remember that although all this tips looks not to much, but if we all daily help a little to reduce the consumption and production of plastics the change start it!

All small things and changes that we all can make are now so important and will be have an impact on our planet. All of us travel for pleasure, but it is also very important to be a Responsible traveler of our actions in each place that we visit.

Please consider this Peru packing list as a priority in your suitcase.


Giardino Team – Environment

Fuentes: ONU Medio Ambiente /National Geographic / Green Peace.


If you are preparing your Peru Paking list also Check also our “Tips for a responsible Travel to Peru here.

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