We introduce you our Calendar of Social activities in Arequipa. Do you want to participate? Do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂

Social activity in conjunction with students, locals, volunteers and Giardino team. In this activity we are going to designate a place that is in a “Garbage emergency” and organize ourselves to collect the garbage in order to protect the flora, fauna and the ecosystem. The most frequent places where we carry out this activity is in the Nature Reserve Salinas y Aguada Blanca, town of Coporaque, Route to Colca, etc.
We also will organize the recycling of garbage and deposit in its corresponding place

Social activity where we will organize the collection of warm clothing for children, older and adults. Also some non-perishable food and school material. We will need voluunterers that support us in the logistics and selection of products and the distribution to the towns and villages that are in need and hit by the winter season in the altiplano region.

In this activity we are going to organize with tourism students, locals and Giardino team to clean, order, highlight and reinforce the signposting of new and known hiking routes, both in the valley of the volcanoes and in the Colca valley. .This activity will help promoting the care of responsible hiking by staying on marked and defined routes for both locals and travelers.

Activity to be directed in the schools of the Colca valley. We are going to promote reliable information through an Audiovisual seminar on important data about Peru, in order to reinforce the history of our country, encourage love and the importance of caring of nature and Resources and values

Seminars and educational active works where environmental awareness will be reinforced; focusing on the active participation of students and their proposals. We will work applying cases of a dramatic future in case we do not act now

This is training course for mothers and fathers from schools in Colca Valley, where they will be informed about the importance of recycling and reusing materials.
The goal of this activity is promoting a more sustainable consciousness and the reduction of waste

In this campaign we are going to work with volunteers, students and the Giardino team. After a professional evaluation and selection of the area to be planted, as the type of tree that is required in the chosen area. All logistics and definition of groups for the activity will be organized a few days before by Giardino Team. Volunteer personnel will be needed to plant the trees, plating tools…

In this activity we try to bring joy and games to the children of the villages we visit. It begins by offering a Mass for the arrival of the Nativity and then together they organize a chocolate with paneton. After dancing and playing, gifts for children,

We invite you to be part of our activities, whether contributing with your time, body strength, experience, knowledge or your financial support. Health professionals or people who can support us with their special skills and knowledge are also always welcome any time 🙂 Upon request we can organize some collaboration and support even outside of our social calendar, to provide the respective help to a specific destination, group or type of help.

If you have questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

Giardino Tours Team!


If you have any questions about our activities contact us!