Thank you so much. We are helping with your help!

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Dear Friends and Clients:

In this difficult times of Covid-19, GIARDINO TOURS has received a donation of $2000.00 – S/.6800.00 from clients and friends who asked us to support Arequipa in this this difficult time of COVID-19.

Please check our Video of “Thank you” at the end of this post!

The details and work was extremely complicated but we were able to:

1.- We have made 115 polar blankets of 1.20 x 1.60mts. And since the corona virus is not possible to give the these blankets person-by-person; we have distributed to 2 places in most need:

30 blankets to Asylum Lira.
85 blankets to “Father Alex” in Cayma, where is supporting with a “comedor” (Dining rooms) more the 600 people in need (Family and children)

Cost used: S/.957.80

2.- We purchased a special cloth to make washable Medical gowns. We hired a sewing teacher and organized an intensive “training course” with participation of some mothers of the Children house “Hogar de Cristo”. After the training these mothers start sewing the medical gowns and we are selling the products.

Hired a paid sewing teacher.
5 mothers (EX – street vendors) and 1 young woman.
Fixed income for the work that they are realizing.
We have donated 50 of these Medical gowns to health professional in our hospitals.

Cost used: (S/.1750.00)

🙂 Now these mothers have not only learned a new job, but also now receive a salary for their work.

3.- 10 polar clothing (Pants and jackets) and 27 polar sweaters have been purchased from the mothers that work in Children House “Hogar de Cristo” and distributed to children in need.

Cost used (S/.740.00)

Also in addition to buying winter clothes for the Hogar, we have donated food to increase the support to families with children that cannot leave their home.

Cost used (S/.400.00)

😉 To purchase in “Hogar de Cristo” winter clothing or other products now help also that the mothers can buy food and donate to families that must stay home providing great support!

4.- It has been donated to Arequipa “Doctors of Solidarity” (Medicos Solidarios Arequipa) who have made the special donation to the oncology area of the Goyeneche hospital in Arequipa of:

30 professionals that are directly in the emergency rooms now can have protection.

23 N95 “3M” masks.
250 3-fold surgical masks
26 Face coverts.
100 Masks KN95
100 Disposable caps.
30 Re-usable gowns .

Cost used: S/.2,952.20

🙁 Our health system is not prepared for coronavirus. Now protecting medical professionals is of great importance to ensure that we have physicians and nurses supporting the emergency without high risk of becoming infected and also protecting their families 🙂 😉
Thank you so much for your generous heart and for giving us the opportunity to help and be your hands here with your support.

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