Peru 2 love’s story tellings and myths

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Peru love’s story tellings

Love always contains a great mystery, because for each person, people and time love has been interpreted and manifested in different forms.

But today we are going to tell you about 2 romantic peruvian love’s story tellings related to ancient Peruvian traditions. These are popular stories in which fantastic or supernatural events are related, as if they were real events. Many of them are created by the community and are transmitted from parents to children, from generation to generation, that is why they are part of our culture and to the memory of Peruvians and are usually related to the beliefs and folklore of a certain region in Peru.

Love's story tellings
Love’s story tellings of Huascarán and Huandoy mountains.

This romantic love’s story telling takes place in time of the Inca Empire, when the people of Cusco expanded their dominions through the Callejón de Huaylas. In this region (located in Ancash) there are more than 20 snow-capped peaks that exceed 6000 m.a.s.l. and the highest mountain in Peru and the intertropical zone is the Huascarán.
The legend said that there was a laborious and peaceful tribe in “Callejon de Huaylas” where one day a very badly wounded soldier arrived with a message to the Great chief. The man informed that some warriors from Cusco had sacked his town without mercy and that they were heading towards the village.
Looking at the situation the great chief ordered his warriors to go in search of the leader of the Cusco army, proposing a peaceful negotiation. And so it happened. Days later, the soldiers returned to the tribe with a Cusqueño warrior “Huáscar”, the most recognized warrior of the invading tribe of Cusco.

Shortly afterwards, someday the strong Huáscar met on his path a beautiful young woman with long black hair, big eyes and a beautiful smile; she was the daughter of the great chief of the tribe; her name was Huandy.


As in every romantic story, the warrior Huascar and the beautiful girl fell in love, but this was a “forbidden” love. So the lovers decided to run away together.

Furious for the offense realized by Huascar and his daughter, the Great Chief ordered their capture. Once in prison, the great Chief humiliated them in public and then tied them to wooden logs, placed in such a way that they could see each other as they died.

The warrior Huascar hoped that his people (the Incas) would arrive and rescue them. However, when the Cusco army arrived, they supported the decision of the Great chief.
Without hope and prisoner of great impotence, Huascar swore revenge on all of them and thus both lovers began to cry full of pain. The legend said that both lovers cried until they were completely dry. From the tears of Princess Huandy, Lake Chinancocha was formed, also known as “the female lagoon” and from the tears of Huáscar, Lake Orcococha, also known as “the male lagoon”. (Also known as Lagunas Llanganuco)
The god “Inti” (the Sun) observing what happened and in pain also, sent a lot of rain, thunder, lightning and hailstorm to all the area. The legend said that it was so much and for so long time that the bodies of the lovers were covered, thus forming the snow-covered mountain Huascarán (for Huáscar) and the snow-covered mountain Huandoy (for Huandy) .

This love’s story tellings said specially among the local people of the Callejón de Huaylas, that in 100 or 200 years the snow-capped mountains will remain without snow and Huáscar and Huandy will resurrect and meet again to live their love forever. (Cardenas, 2020)

love’s story tellings
Love’s story tellings of the Huacachina oasis – Ica

In the middle of the coastal desert of the Pacific Ocean, in the Ica region, there is a beautiful oasis “La Huacachina”. A Oasis of green waters and around which there is abundant vegetation composed of palm trees, eucalyptus and huarangos, the same that are used for migrant birds that usually pass through This region.  That makes it one of the most beautiful and striking tourist spots in Peru, however, its beauty also contains a myth related to unconditional and infinite love.
Huacachina,means the “crying woman” in the Quechua language. The legend said that in this lagoon an Inca princess named Huacca China was born (Her name means “the one who makes people cry.”).

They said that the princess fell in love with a young warrior of the empire who died shortly after they met. It is said that when the princess was informed of the tragedy, she went to the place where they had met for the first and c and cried intensely; then, while crying, she looked through her hand mirror and saw young man who was looking at her; the young man tried to get closer to her, but she got scare and began to run through the desert.

According to legend, her clothes shaped the dunes that surround the oasis and the mirror got broken, giving shape to the lagoon.

After that the princess enters the lagoon and becomes a mermaid and the tradition tells that this mermaid appears every night on full moon to sing old songs to her lover.

Apart for knowing now these love’s story tellings, for sure now when you travel to Huaraz (Ancash) or to the Huacachina Oasis, you will look at every detail with different eyes …

And perhaps through the eyes of those “lovers”.




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