Embroidery in the Colca Valley a Cultural Heritage of the Nation

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Colca Valley- embroidery
“On August 17th, 2018, was published on the newspaper “El Peruano” the knowledge and practices associated with embroidery in the Colca Valley a Cultural Heritage of the Nation”

“The recognition was granted for its important technical richness, historical, traditional and artistic value of the iconographic and symbolic contents that they communicate, which are strongly rooted in the Collagua and Cabana worldview, as part of a process of empowering identity of the culture of the population of the Colca valley. ” – Andina 2018

If you are going to visit the Colca canyon, you will be surprised not only by the affection, the spectacular views of the valley, the depths of one of the deepest canyons in the world, the flight of the condor, the joy and gastronomy of its people, but in addition, the parade of colors of their crafts, especially that of their traditional costumes, which represent the identity, love, art and pride of the region.

Colca Valley- embroidery

Undoubtedly it can be affirmed that the craftsmanship of the Colca valley is extraordinary, due to the high development achieved, but very particularly that development is appreciated in its textile art of embroidery.

Through folklore, the Colca people express their culture through symbolic representations related to ecology, their cultural, social, geographical and historical environment and, therefore, are important elements of cultural identity and / or ethnic heritage.

We will find skirts, shirts, hats, blankets, sweaters, chullos (hats), gloves, stockings, scarves, ponchos and other beautifully embroidered fabrics which all reflect the uses and customs of the men and women of Colca valley and their close relationship with nature.

This art also reflects the spirituality of the local people, where the iconography and polychrome, with colorful works, shows the richness and art of the Andean cosmo-vision.

The technique for embroidery work is called the “maquinasca” (sewing machine), which is a widely known technique in the southern Andean region. The artists take the machine and begin to embroider hearts, chamomile and cantuta flowers, sparrows, etc.

In addition, and according to the client’s requirements, other representative products of the region such as “trout” can be added to the work. Sometimes, to give it a more elegant touch, the artists complement their work with industrial fabrics, gold and silver silks and ornaments of different colors.

But beyond the craft itself, as a result of a work, at the center of all this is the human factor, the craftsman, who with their artistic hands turns every product into unique pieces in which they express their creativity and imagination but supported by the realities of their daily and ancestral life.

And this is the most prominent factor in the inevitable association of tourism with the crafts of the destinations that we visit.

Colca Valley- embroidery
Colca Valley- embroidery

All type of Crafts offers to the travelers the opportunity to take home “the stories”. Each Souvenir is more than a thing, is the “memory” that transform itself to a open book, that talk to us with all the symbols through which the territories visited murmur magical stories to travelers and their environment.

Today’s traveler not only wants to see places but also to experience them, feel that they are part of their life for a moment, living the culture, their artisans and their manifestations.

The magnificent Colca region has many reasons for you to visit it, but without a doubt, it is also the place that allows you to bend time, find calm and awaken in each one of us the passion for life details.

Write down the “Colca canyon” among your great travel destinations, here you will find thousands of reasons to live the legend! And consider to spend more then one night to enjoy experiences full of emotions, respect and learning.

We are waiting for you!

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