Colca canyon Travel Guide: 7 Questions about Colca Tours

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Colca canyon Travel Guide_Cañón del Colca
Colca canyon Travel Guide:  Find here the answers to frequently asked questions when you organize your trip to the Colca Canyon in Arequipa; Perú.  Colca canyon information that You Really Need To Know.

1.- Will I see Condors?

The Colca canyon is the “best place” in South America to see the Andean Condor. In our Colca canyon tours we will visit different viewing points to increase the chances to experience them closely.  If you get lucky they will fly just above your head! Remember that there is no guarantee that the condors will be seen, but in most cases it is possible to observe them at close range. 🙂

2.- Can I continue by land from Colca valley to Puno on Lake Titicaca?

Colca Travel Guide

Yes, this is possible!  And it is the most recommended itinerary to save time, because you do not have to return to Arequipa city.

If you are traveling alone: The Buses depart from Chivay plaza every day between 12 to 13:30 PM (approximately). It is recommended that you buy your bus ticket one day in advance. You must be at the bus station at least 40 minutes before Bus departure.

In our organized Colca canyon excursions: In our Colca Tours the last day (Second day or Third day depending on your type of tour) you will return to Chivay town about 12:00 PM where you will have time for your lunch before taking our Giardino Transport and keep driving to Puno city (With stops on the route for pictures).

This transfer to Puno could be organized also with a Tourist Bus Company that offers this service. The coordination and logistic will be in our hands, so you don’t need to be worry and only relax and enjoy the tour!

You will be arriving in Puno about 7:00 PM (19:00hrs) and the drop off will be in your hotel (If it is located in city center), if your hotel is located out side of city center an extra charge can be added for transfer to your hotel.

3.- Can I start the Colca canyon 2 days tour from Puno?

YES! This service is possible in our Colca Canyon exclusive private tours!

But in case you want to join  a Group tour to Colca canyon and you are in Puno city; we can manage this provinding you with a transfer or Bus ticket from Puno to Chivay town; where you can join the Group Tour and keep the tour program until Arequipa city.

The transport or Bus will pick you up from your hotel between 6:00 to 6:15 am arriving at Chivay town approximately at noon, where you will join our Colca canyon Classic Tours  and keep the program according to the itinerary.

The excursions will end in Arequipa city in your hotel.

4.- I do not want to take all of my luggage to the tour. Where can I leave my luggage?

For excursion to Colca canyon with return to Arequipa city, hotels and hostels will normally store luggage in their safety deposit for free until you check-in again in your return.

In case your trip keep forward to Puno city, please inform us at the time of the Tour reservation so we can organized you with a group with similar schedule and provide with a transport with enough luggage space.

5.- I am afraid about altitude sickness: Is it a problem?

Mal de altura

Altitude sickness can catch many travelers and normally we recommend that clients stay at least one night in Arequipa city in order to help to get to altitude.

To drink Coca Tea the frist day that you arrive to Arequipa will be very helpful! Also it is important to avoid alcoholic drinks and try to drink a lot of water.

In our tours to the Colca canyon our transportation provides “oxygen” in case of need.

6.- I want to do a Trek into the Colca canyon  but I am not traveling with any camping equipment.

If you travel solo: If you want to get down to the canyon it is only important that you have a very good physical condition and good orientation. In some villages as well as in the area near the Colca river are basic lodges where you can overnight. The lodges also offer dinner and lunch.

It is important that you get information about the route, take some maps or a GPS. Please keep on the marked routes and close to the villages. Don’t look for an adventure on unmarked routes. We strongly recommend taking a local guide.

If you take our Trekking Tours: For our organized tour only a good physical condition and a light personal backpack are required. Walking shoes and personal items.
The overnights during tour take place in basic rustic lodges at the bottom of the Canyon (provide bed, blankets and bathroom).

But it can get cold at nights and there is not heating, so it is important that you take with you warms clothes for the night and also light clothes for the day because can get very hot. – Very good Trekking shoes or boots is important.

7.- Family trips to Colca Canyon: Is right to travel with kids?

Colca canyon Travel Guide

YES! It is great!  The Colca Valley is ideal for families especially if you are traveling with children.

Most travelers focus on hiking or to observe the condors on the canyon walls. However, children can enjoy a lot exploring the traditional villas during the short walks, bathing in  the hot springs pools, feeding animals, helping on the farms or sharing activities with locals.

This is an extraordinary way to learn and share what the speed of the city has taken away from us; the harmony of nature and the ability to amaze us!
Activities such as feeding baby alpacas, horseback riding, hiking, artisanal textiles, games etc. are offered in family programs to the colca valley.

Ready to travel to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Peru?

Colca Canyon Travel Guide_ Giardino Tours



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