Peru Private Tours: 7 fantastic reasons to take a Private Service

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Peru private Tours_ Peru Tour Privadovado

Peru Private Tours: 

Our Government has already begun with the re-activation of the tourism sector. Since March 1, it is already allowed in some places to take sightseeing tours.

But there is always a concern about what is the safest way to travel now and without question, it is recommended to make these visits minimizing all risk and especially if we travel with our family.

And… What if we told you that you can enjoy a tailor-made tour in a private service?

Apart that some private tours may cost a bit higher than group tours (SIC), they offer other advantages full of unique experiences, with an original and different look at the destinations that you visit in an great and personalized style of “information-entertainment”.

Here are 7 reasons why is a great and fantastic option to take a private tour in Peru!   🙂

1.- Making according to your way of travel

Private tours offer the possibility to design and customize your experience. To choose a route and itinerary from a range of options that we can find, to determine the duration of the tour and to decide where to start and end according to what suits us best.

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

2. Keep it as a family / Friends

Group Tours SIC (Seat in Coach) offers the possibility of making new friends as many travelers come together in one transport.

However, we may also like a more intimate experience and explore a destination with your loved ones at your own time and space. On a private tour, the only participants are you and your friends and/or family, so you’ll surely take countless memories of this experience.

In addition, the private tour offers a personal guide dedicated to answering every question you have. Your guide will be ready to answer any questions and inform you about any topics you want to know better. You’ll receive a number of recommendations and tips according to your interests.

The goal of a designed Private Tours is to make YOUR visit as enjoyable as possible.

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

3.- Tailor-made routes, exclusive for you and family

If we have family and are planning to travel, we usually ask our travel agents if the “youngest” can participate in our tours.

A three-hour tour can be a nightmare for children, and uncomfortable for parents who have to take care of them. But on a private tour you can choose the duration and route that interests you, so that the little ones have a good time too, as well as add activities that are more interesting for the children and so the parents maximize their experience as well as pleasant and memorable.

Also in the case there is someone with mobility problems, whether with a wheelchair, baby stroller or crutches, on a private tour you will be free of worries.

By booking a private tour you can inform in advance to your travel operator of the specific needs of your group / family and your agent will make a route that perfectly suits these special needs and provide all extras that you requiere.

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

4. The perfect gift

The truth is that today there is no better gift than the gift of knowledge.

When you invite to another friend / family to join you for a Private Travel experience is that exactly what you are giving.

Why buy a thing, when you can enjoy a life experience?

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

5.- A Guaranteed of departures

Another huge advantage of the private tour is in the answer to the question;

The answer is… anytime!

Private tours are a service exclusive for you. So it is possible to start the trip on any day, depending on your convenience or when your flights and hotels are available.

6.- Flexibility

With a private tour, you decide how you use your time and you can adjusted your schedule according to your needs.

If you see a spectacular place and would like to make a stop to take some pictures…NO PROBLEM!

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

7.- Security:

Maybe one of the major reasons to book a Private service.

Today one of the most important advantages that you can manage in a Private Tour is your safety during the trip. In a Private tour you are preventing that people you don’t know join your trip.

Your agent elaborate a tour that is 100% customized and todays you must be sure that they offer all the biosecurity measures against the coronavirus.

Also, If something doesn’t make you feel safe during the trip, you can communicate it to your travel agent and they will pay special attention to your concerns, adjusting the journey to your needs.

Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados
Peru private Tours _ peru Tours privados

It is important that at the time of booking a tour or trip to Peru, you take some time to make a review of the reputation of the Tour Operator with whom you decide to make the trip.


Serious and formal companies offer more guarantee of quality service, a 24/7 personal attention and efficient logistics and bio securities protocols in all fields. Only then will you have an unforgettable experience!

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